HB Pride Of Kashmir

Houseboat Pride Of Kashmir

Houseboat Pride of Kashmir

In the year 1962, Pride of Kashmir is the first Deluxe Luxury houseboat in Dal Lake that was built in Kashmir which earned a lot of fame and is still a pride to us. We believe in developing strong and synergetic relationship with our customers, based on a feeling of implicit trust and reciprocity. Our priority is our customers.

Sheer poetry engulfed with beauty and perhaps is the only paradise visible to human eyes on the face of this earth. Kashmir is the most apt location to visit and witness an era gone before you.
Floating luxurious Houseboat in Kashmir, beautiful premium houseboat in Srinagar, specialty cuisine and the beauty of cobalt Kashmir Dal lake are forever ready to arrest you and make you proud that you are a part of this magnificent country India.

Our houseboat is in one the best locations in the famous Dal Lake facing the famous Shankaracharya hills & Boulevard.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. I like your work.

    Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Simply BEAUTIFUL! Would love to be back again someday!

  3. I truly had such a great time at the houseboat! The service and hospitality and the ambience is just magnificent. I am absolutely looking forward to come back and stay longer! Thank you!

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